Warehousing, Distribution and Transport Specialist

About Us

Neely Transport was incorporated in 1993 as a one man, one vehicle operation offering non-dedicated groupage and full load services. The main customer base at this time was found in the Freight Forwarding industry with some sales to the manufacturing sector. Steady growth throughout the nineties saw warehousing and trans-shipment facilities added to the Company profile, which in turn lead to more sales, an expanding customer base and a variety of vehicles to cope with differing requirements.

The strategy of offering UK distribution on a “pay as you use basis” coincided with many traditional hauliers changing to contract haulage and a dedicated logistics package for specific clients. In some cases old and established hauliers left the market place altogether or merged with ever larger enterprises creating a vacuum where historically there were numerous local and national Companies delivering goods on a Nationwide basis.

The final, and most recent change, has been the steady growth of Pallet Networks. Neely Transport joined “The Pallet Network” (TPN) in 2008 and whilst the carriage of palletised freight is not our core business it offers significant advantages in time, cost and service for many items. Furthermore, it means we can truly offer a 24/48 hour delivery schedule throughout the UK in the sound knowledge that our partners in TPN will treat every kilo of freight as if they were servicing one of their own accounts.

We are proud of the fact that we still have today active accounts with customers that supported us from our first day of trading and, whilst Neely Transport has grown over the intervening years, the original concept as defined above has never changed.