Warehousing, Distribution and Transport Specialist



With the Low Emission Zone(LEZ) in London due to come into force in January 2012, Neely Transport have been investing in new Euro 5 engine vehicles to allow access to the region. A total of 3 Renaults and 2 Daf tractor units joined the fleet during 2011 with another 2 vehicles for 2012. A new 26 tonne curtain-sider will be brought on stream in January 2013 and the final 2 tractor units will follow later that year.


Driver CPC

Recent EU legislation requires all Commercial vehicle drivers to hold a Certificate of Professional Competence by September 2014. This involves 35 hours of training over a five year period. We have started a plan to ensure all Neely drivers have completed their CPC by this time and we are currently well on track to achieve this goal. In addition we have enrolled all our drivers to complete an NVQ in driving a Commercial vehicle in association with Shrewsbury College. This is an "in cab" and practical course culminating in a recognised qualification and a further 7 hours towards the CPC.

Driver Training

Continuing with the driver training theme, in the first two months of 2012 we trained two drivers on full ADR courses and another successfully completed a Class C LGV licence for vehicles up to 18 tonnes weight. This is an ongoing schedule to enhance both customer services and our commitment to employees.

 January 2013 update.

Two drivers have completed the initial ADR course and gained their drivers CPC. A third driver has been trained to drive vehicles in the Class C+E category (articulated).

March 2013

All our vehicles have been fitted with forward facing cameras supplied by mi-witness. This has been self-financed and not sponsored by insurers. This system paid for itself within the first two months with the rejection of two fraudulent accident claims.

July 2013

The first of six new curtain sided DEKAR trailers are delivered. Another two new DAF tractors replace old stock.

October 2013

A successful partnership with Crucial Sauce in Birmingham means we have taken on a specific 15,000 square feet warehouse to store their products alongside other regular users of our warehouse facility in Stechford. Ultimately this will give us more capacity for transit freight, thus feeding the haulage operation.

November 2013

An additional two tractor units brings to an end a vehicle replacement strategy that has seen 10 Euro 5, 44 tonne vehicles join the fleet since December 2010.

December 2013

A bid to act as the Midland hub for a major Freight Forwarder is successful and work starts immediately.

January 2014

Ongoing training for the carriage of hazardous goods means three drivers and one supervisor will have completed courses by the end of April. 

February 2014

Four new Dekar trailers are added to the fleet as replacement for old stock.

April 2014

Two new Daf 18 tonne, tail-lift curtainsiders join the fleet to accommodate growing demand. The final 7 hours DCPC course is completed and all our drivers have their qualification due by September 2014.

 August 2014

We have added three more Dekar trailers as part of the fleet replacement programme during the Summer period.

November 2014

Driver training continues with two drivers trained up to Class C. This co-incides with two new Euro 6 rigid trucks, the first of their kind in the Company  to comply with the latest emissions regulations. These consist of one 18 tonne and one 12 tonne, tail-lift curtainsiders. The latter replacing two, older 7.5 tonners.

January 2015

Drivers carrying hazardous goods require re-training every 5 years. Three drivers have been trained during January and will gain 28 hours towards their DCPC qualification.

 December 2015

The final six Dekar trailers arrive meaning we have replaced 95% of our trailer fleet over the last two years. Three Euro 6 tractor units and an 18 tonner are added during the Summer meaning the entire transport fleet is now made up of Euro 5 or Euro 6 vehicles.

Driver training continues with two more ADR qualified drivers and Edward Neely obtaining his Transport Managers CPC.

January-July 2016

The final part of the fleet replacement programme has been completed with the addition of two 18 tonne and one 26 tonne curtainsiders plus a 44 tonne tractor unit. A new double deck trailer for our Pallet Network operation means all our trailers are now 2013 or younger. A new livery is also being rolled out and, as vehicles are replaced in the future, this programme will take about 5 years to complete.

New business through the period has seen a doubling of our pallet business to over 200 pallets a day with no additional resources required. The general haulage and warehouse receiving has maintained a healthy organic growth throughout the year.

January - April 2017

We have added another 26 tonne DAF rigid to the fleet and are now operating 24 Large Goods Vehicles entirely devoted to groupage, part loads, pallet deliveries and trunking services. Ongoing  training continues with another 3 drivers trained for the carriage of hazardous goods and, despite the pessimism of the Brexit vote, we are yet to see any downturn in business.

June 2017

We opened a third facility in Birmingham gaining 10,000 square feet of warehouse, parking for 20 trucks and office facilities. The premises came with additional transport and warehousing requirements and The Pallet Network has also been transferred thus giving us more space for trans-shipping, receiving and distribution.

August 2017

A Citi-loader 3.5 tonne curtain is added to TPN fleet giving us a smaller vehicle for home deliveries and destinations with limited access.


Despite the problems of Brexit we have experienced strong sales and growth throughout the year. Extra vehicles have joined the fleet and another Company formed (Enhaul Ltd) to take care of our pallet business and other specific export accounts.