Warehousing, Distribution and Transport Specialist


John Ward-Gwilliam
has been with us since 1996, firstly as a HGV driver and then joined the Traffic Office 3 years later. He is now the longest serving member of the Traffic Office team and If you have spoken to him it is unlikely you would ever forget the experience. An attention to detail and intimate knowledge of our customers ensures the smooth running of the day to day operations.

Graham Eagles joined the Company in 2010 and brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the Traffic Office. A National CPC holder and a capacity to remain calm in a pressurised environment make him an ideal addition to the Operation staff.

Gary Ross arrived in 2005 and alternates between Office and Warehouse duties. His familiarity with both means we have a person who is adaptable and at home in either environment. His primary role now is ensuring the smooth running of our Pallet Network deliveries.

Ed Neely started with the Company in 2008 with a role in The Pallet Network. Having taken a year out in Australia the former penal colony sent him back to the Motherland and Ed now concentrates the Traffic Office and Warehouse. Ed holds a HGV class 1 and a Transport Managers CPC.

Adrien Loosmore came to us in 1998 having successfully run a satellite depot in the Midlands for an East Anglia operation. Prior to this he was a member of the armed forces. He holds a CPC and HGV licence and is the vital link between the Warehouse operation and Traffic Office. Any goods coming into the depot would pass through his hands and this aspect is a vital ingredient to our profile and profitability. Beware that any telephone conversation with Adrien is likely to take quite a long time!

Chris Burnet has been with us since 2013 and is responsible for routing vehicles in The Midlands and The North. He adds a blend of youth(!) and experience and has a unique sense of humour that nobody else can match.

Alan Horsfall is the latest addition to the Traffic Office joining us in February 2017. Having spent 10 years in the retail sector, Alan wanted a new challenge and Neely Transport are well placed for providing just that. Alan is undergoing a steep learning curve in all aspects of the business and his enthusiasm to get involved and make a positive contribution has not diminished to date.

Bobbi Jones has been with us since June 2010 and is a one girl administration department for the Traffic Office. As the only female working in this environment her good nature and sense of humour are a pleasant distraction from the testosterone fuelled contributions from the men she works with.


Tracey Thompson, ever cheerful and positive, Tracey is responsible for Sales , purchases and credit control. She is the first point of contact in the finance department and has been a major help to Christine Neely who oversees the all other aspects of the Company finances.