Warehousing, Distribution and Transport Specialist


Our warehouse allows us to collect, hold, consolidate and deliver as a full artic load numerous small and medium sized shipments as one single delivery or multiple deliveries for a specific date or time. The foundations of Neely Transport has been built on having a transhipment facility that allows us to hold freight, at little or no cost to the shipper, until a booking can be made or an export deadline arrives. The ability to offer this on a non-dedicated and a pay as you go service means that customers are not paying for space they do not need and also means that when demand does increase they simply pay for it when they need it.

We are a totally independent operator with no Forwarding interests of our own. We work confidentially and discreetly with many Freight Forwarders and act as a Midlands receiving facility on their behalf. By consolidating goods and releasing them when they decide we can offer collection, handling and trunking services at a competitive price at a one stop shop. We do not have to sub-contract any aspect of this part of the business which ensures we maintain control at all times. This really is the bed rock of the business and the added back up of TPN means we can remain competitive regardless of destination.