Warehousing, Distribution and Transport Specialist

General Haulage

Many years ago the term “General Haulage” was as common a term as that of a Coal Merchant or Tobacconist and historians will glaze over at the thought of hand painted, sign written lorries trundling over the British landscape. The advent of containerisation, the Pallet Networks and dedicated distribution has meant that the majority of the general hauliers have long gone. However, many Logistics providers cannot offer anything even close to the flexibility, cost effectiveness and sheer ingenuity of true Road Transport operators.

Our Traffic office is manned by skilled and experienced personnel who constantly monitor e-mails and faxes to meet ever changing demands. We regularly adjust supply of vehicles to demand from customers and change load manifests and routes to accommodate the latest twist. It takes a certain skill to construct multiple loads that account for access, timing, space and weight on the vehicle allowing the driver to work within a legal timeframe and be cost effective and profitable.